Thank Your Lucky Stars


The line-up for the DC5's first ever TV appearance . Back Row L-R Brian Matthew, Bert Weedon,Del Shannon,Mike Berry,Kent Walton. Front Row L-R The DC5 and then The Vernon's Girls sitting on the Beatles' laps.

The DC5's first ever appearance on TV took place on 20th April 1963 when they performed "Mulberry Bush" on the show "Thank Your Lucky Stars". The programme had first aired in 1961 and attracted established stars,who normally sang their latest releases, along with new acts whom the producers had forecast as future stars. A section called "Spin a Disc" had members of the audience as a panel, judging new releases and giving them marks from 1-5. This brought to fame Janice Nicholls whose thick "Brummie" accent introduced a new UK catchphrase "I'll give it foive". Janice was selected at random from the audience to be on the panel and impressed the programme producers and the watching public so much that she became a regular on the show and even made records herself.
The programme finally came to an end in June 1966 although there was a final Christmas Special in December of that year.Unfortunately video tape of only three shows exists today in the UK. None of which feature the DC5. However over in Australia some copies of "TYLS" have survived in a film library.One of which contains a DC5 performance of "All of The Time".This is probably the only footage in existance of the DC5 performing this song.

Thanks to Kevin Mulrennan and Alan Harvey for their assistance with the "Thank Your Lucky Stars" research.

The rehearsal for that first DC5 TV appearance was the first time the DC5 met the Beatles, as Rick Huxley recalled.
" I remember strumming my guitar to myself before the rehearsal (14th April ) and hearing a "scouse" accent say "Is that one of those new Vox (guitar) straps?" It was John Lennon, he asked me if I'd swap my new Vox strap for his , I did and I still have that strap John Lennon gave me all those years ago."

Lenny Davidson also recalls the group's first ever T.V. appearance
"My full time job at the time was in a metal tubing factory and I had to ask for time off to play on "Thank Your Lucky Stars".When I returned to work on the Monday all my work mates had seen me on T.V. but so had my boss. I was given an ultimatum of no more time off work for music or leave the company, so I left. Fortunately the group had just secured the Mecca Ballroom contract so I was able to live on my earnings from that until we got our break with "Glad All Over" about six months later".

The DC5 Appeared on the programme many times and a full list of their appearances is listed below along with the names of the other guests on the shows.

Saturday 20th April 1963
Host: Brian Matthew
The Beatles: (From Me To You)
The Dave Clark Five, ( The Mulberry Bush )
The Vernon's Girls,
Bert Weedon,
Del Shannon,
Johnny Tillotson (not in photo)
Mike Berry,
spin-a-disc Kent Walton

Saturday 5th October 1963
Host: Brian Matthew
Del Shannon,
The Karl Denver Trio,
Kenny Lynch,
Cilla Black,
The Dave Clark Five,
The Eagles,
The Puppets,
Daryl Quist,
Janice Nicholls (regular),
spin-a-disc Kent Walton

Saturday 14th December 1963
Host Brian Matthew
Gene Vincent,
Adam Faith,
The King Brothers,
Winifred Atwell,
The Roulettes,
Annie Ross,
Rolf Harris,
The Dave Clark Five ( Glad All Over)
Frenesi Watson,
Janice Nicholls,
spin-a-disc Alan Freeman

Saturday 15th February 1964
Host Brian Matthew
The Dave Clark Five: (Bits And Pieces),
The Crystals,
Cilla Black,
Vince Eager,
The Avons,
Vince Hill,
Robb Storme & The Whispers,
Gerry Lavine & The Avengers,
Janice Nicholls,
Guest DJ Muriel Young

Saturday 14th March 1964
Host Brian Matthew
The Dave Clark Five,
Mike Hurst,
Linda Doll,
The Overlanders,
The Applejacks,
The Brumbeats,
Peter & Gordon,
Gene Pitney,
Janice Nicholls,
Guest DJ: Henry Mancini

Saturday 23th May 1964
Host Brian Matthew,
The Dave Clark Five,
Kathy Kirby,
Brian Poole & The Tremeloes,
The Hollies,
Rosemary Squires,
Ronnie Hilton,
Denny Seyton & the Sabres,
Janice Nicholls,
Guest DJ Joan Turner

Saturday 20th June 1964
Host Brian Matthew
The Dave Clark Five,
Alma Cogan,
Jim Reeves,
Gene Vincent,
P J Proby,
The Beatmen,
The Federals,
Jimmy Powell & the Five Dimensions,
Janice Nicholls,
Guest DJ Sam Costa

Saturday 22nd August 1964
ABC Lucky Stars (Summer Spin)

Guest Host Craig Douglas
The Dave Clark Five,
Kenny Lynch,
Peter's Faces,
Benny Parker & The Dynamos,
Dave Berry,
Bobby Shafto,
Tammy St John,
The Wolves,
Janice Nicholls,
Guest DJ Jimmy Savile
Saturday 10th October 1964
Host Brian Matthew
The Dave Clark Five,
Susan Maughan,
The Applejacks,
Michael Halsam,
Troy Dante & The Infernos,
The Banshees,
Kathy Kirby

Saturday 9th January 1965
Host Brian Matthew
The Dave Clark Five,
The Kinks,
Ronnie Carroll,
Tony Jackson & The Vibrations,
Dickie Rock,
Dodie West,
Janice Nicholls,
Guest DJ: Jimmy Young

Saturday 6th March 1965
Host Pete Murray
The Rats (two different groups with the same name, one from Lancashire, one from Yorkshire),
The Dave Clark Five,
Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames,
Screamin' Jay Hawkins,
Anita Harris,
Jim Page,
The Shelley,
Janice Nicholls,
Guest DJ: Robert Holness

Saturday 15th May 1965
Host Brian Matthew
The Dave Clark Five,
The Everly Brothers,
Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames,
Mark Wynter,
Danny Williams,
Ray Anton & The Peppermint Men

Saturday 10th July 1965
ABC Lucky Stars (Summer Spin)

Host: Jim Dale
The Dave Clark Five,
Kathy Kirby,
The Animals,
The Ivy League,
Julie Grant,
Jerry Butler,
The Fairies,
Bruce Forsyth
From TV Times: Taking a look at the latest gear is Jackie Crier.
The Jo Cook dancers (Sacha Davis, Linda Lawrence, Susan Robinson, Diane South) get a credit.

Saturday 17th July 1965
ABC Lucky Stars Anniversary Show 5:50 - 6:30 pm 200th show

Host: Jim Dale
The Beatles: (Help! film clip),
Kenny Ball & His Jazzmen: (Samantha),
The Dave Clark Five: (Glad All Over),
Billy Fury: Like I've Never Been Gone),
Mike Sarne: (Come Outside,)
The Searchers with Tony Jackson: (Sweets For My Sweet),
The Seekers,
Helen Shapiro: (Walkin' Back To Happiness)
Dusty Springfield: (I Only Want To Be With You),
Mark Wynter: (Shy Girl),
Jim Dale (unknown song),
plus Brian Matthew, Pete Murray and Janice Nicholls
Jackie Crier reviews the changes in fashion and dancing with Sacha Davis, Linda Lawrence, Susan Robinson, Diane South.

Saturday 16th October 1965
Host: Jim Dale
Frankie Vaughan,
The Dave Clark Five,
The Everly Brothers,
Jackie Trent,
Ronnie Caroll,
Lorne Lesley,
Scott Hamilton

Saturday 21st May 1966
Host: Jim Dale
The Dave Clark Five,
Lonnie Donegan,
The Statler Brothers,
Johnny Hackett,
Buffy Sainte Marie,
Kim Cordell,
Twice As Much,
Marty Wilde,
Ken Kirkham

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