Rag Doll / Young,Willing & Eager

Quite a few Film data bases incorrectly give 1958 as the year for the film.
The sequence with the DC5 was actually recorded on the same day and on the same set as "Pit of Darkness"

As shown above the DC5 appear in the "coffee bar" scenes and back Jess Conrad on the song "Why Am I Living".
The line-up is Dave Clark, Mike Smith, Rick Huxley, Mick Ryan and Jim Spencer.

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A seventeen-year-old girl runs away from a horrid home life and hitch-hikes to Soho in London. With the help of a carnival fortune teller who takes a liking to her, she gets a job waiting on tables. Her employer, makes a pass at her, which she rebuffs. She turns her attentions to a fledgling singer, and the two marry when she finds she's carrying his child. To finance a move to a new life in Canada, her husband burglarizes her ex-employer's home. However, he awakens and shoots at the burglar who is wounded. He flees after killing the older man,then steals a car and heads off with his wife. As the police close in, he tries to fight them off but drops dead from loss of blood, leaving his wife in tears next to his body.

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