Get Yourself A College Girl / The Swinging Set


Terry, a student at a conservative girls' college, has written some sophisticated, bestselling popular songs under a pseudonym, knowing that she will be expelled if her secret is learned. Terry's extracurricular activities are discovered when her publisher, Gary, telephones her at school; and she is placed on probation until after the Christmas holidays. While spending the holidays at Sun Valley, Terry meets Gary in person. She becomes enraged and refuses his request to pose in a sheer nightgown for a painting to be used to promote her song, blaming him for her predicament. Sen. Hubert Morrison, grandson of the founder of Terry's school, arrives at Sun Valley to acquire a better understanding of youth and, coincidentally, to become acquainted with Terry's ballet teacher, Marge, also a guest at the resort. An embarrassing accident in which the senator loses his trousers on a dance floor jeopardizes his reelection; but the students, led by Gary, rally behind the senator and stage a show to regain him support. The show, featuring several popular musical groups, is a success and guarantees the senator's re-election; and Terry and Gary find they are in love.
In other words it's a terrible farce and unwatchable.

The DC5 play (lip synch) "Thinking Of You Baby"and "Whenever You're Around" . Although the film was made in the USA the DC5's part was filmed in England and "morphed" in.

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