An archive of DC5 related items which have appeared in the press, on the internet etc in recent times. In reverse order, the most recent at the top.


11th Rick Huxley sadly passes away


Lenny Davidson appears in August edition of UK magazine "Guitar and Bass"
Release of "Try Too Hard" and "Satisfied With You", albums on iTunes

Lenny Davidson appears on BBC Radio 2 programme " The British Invasion"

Release of "Weekend In London" and "I Like it Like That", albums on iTunes

Release of "Coast To Coast" and "American Tour" albums on iTunes

Release of "Glad All Over" and "Return" albums on iTunes

DC5 "Bits and Pieces" website stolen from John Briggs


Interview with Ron Ryan in Ugly Things magazine
Release of "The Ballads" on iTunes

"History of the DC5" released on iTunes

14th September
Bobby Graham, session drummer on DC5 recordings dies aged 69

20th July
36 page article on the DC5's Scandanavian releases in Norwegian music magazine Platesamleren

20th March
Five different DC5 articles in "Ugly Things magazine available from

27th January
8 page spread on the DC5 in "Mojo" magazine ( March 2009 issue )


19th December
Interview with Jim Spencer in the Colchester Gazette

10th December
Interview with Dave Clark in UK Daily Mail newspaper

25th November
Dave Clark on the "Ken Bruce show" on BBC Radio

24th November
"The Hits" exits the UK Album charts after a 5 week run, highest position reached was 15

23rd November
Interview with Dave Clark in the UK Record Collector magazine

27th October
"The Hits" cd falls to number 26 in the UK album chart.

21st October
Interview with Dave Clark on the UK TV show "Later with Jools Holland"

20th October
"The Hits" cd enters the UK album chart at number 15.

15th October
Interview with Dave Clark on BBC Radio 2 "Steve Wright Show

13th October
"The DC5 - The Hits" CD goes on general sale in the UK .
Interview with Dave Clark in UK "Metro" newspaper

"The Hits" becomes available on iTunes, there are two different downloads based on where you l ive. USA only downloaders get the song "Every American Citizen"

1st June
The "July" issue of the UK magazine "Record Collector" is available in shops and contains an article on the DC5 by Gary Howman.

31st May
Lenny Davidson performs with the Cambridge Guitar Orchestra then guests with "Cloud Nine" playing five of the DC5's hits at a charity concert in Norwich, U.K.

5th April
Press Release
The full DC5 catalogue is to be released on a series of cd's commencing in August 2008.

17th March
"Time Magazine" has a "Milestone" article on Mike Smith and the DC5.

10th March
The DC5 are inducted into the USA Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in a televised ceremony at the Warldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York. Dave Clark, Lenny Davidson and Rick Huxley attend and receive their awards from Tom Hanks.

7th March
Press Release
"The DC5: The Hits" is now available at "iTunes" with a retail release following soon. The 28-track collection includes the unreleased "Every American Citizen" and "Universal Love", plus a 28-page booklet with a biography, discography and rare photos.

March 1st
VH1 Classic Televises "Paul Shaffer And His British Invasion: A Tribute To Mike Smith", at 6:30pm and 10:00pm

February 28th
Mike Smith passes away in hospital in the U.K.
Paul Shaffer pays tribute to Mike on the "Late Show with David Letterman"


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