The following are some ( not all ) DC5 written songs covered by other artists

34-06-Dzentlmeni -RTB S 51504- 1970 ( Yugoslavia )

All Of The Time-The Epics-SEA Records-1965

Any Way You Want It- The Bugs- Hit Records 161- USA
Any Way You Want It- Cinecyde
Any Way You Want It -Enoch Light
Any Way You Want It- Kiss "Alive II" -1977
Any Way You Want It -Oblivians "Soul Food"- 1995
Any Way You Want it -Original Sins "Rhythm And Booze"
Any Way You Want it- Punkz Mushroom K-6631 1978 Australia
Any Way You Want It -Ramones
Any Way You Want It -Ramones with Eddie Vedder "We're Outta Here!"- 1996
Any Way You Want It -Sea Monkeys "Wide Awake! With Sea Monkeys"
Any Way You Want It -Surfaris -Decca DL4614- 1965
Any Way You Want It -Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers -TSP CD 128

At The Scene-The Sharks (Hamburg)-"Hey Komm in Den Club"- Polydor

Because-Homer & the Don'ts -1966
Because- Julian Lennon
Because-Los Apson -Peerless 8327 ( Mexico )
Because -Michael Poss
Because -Ray Conniff and the Singers- CBS S65232 -1972
Because- Roamers "Hit Records"
Because- Sparrow-RVH Records-1985
Because- Supremes- 1964
Because- Vega Brothers- MCA5686- 1986

Bits And Pieces -(no artist info) Top Six- SIX 2- 1964
Bits And Pieces- Barron Knights (parody)- part of "Call Up The Groups"-1964
Bits And Pieces- Black Pirates- Discofoon FF 3556
Bits And Pieces -Buddy Morrow and His Orchestra(instrumental)-Epic LN24095- 1964
Bits And Pieces -Denny Seyton and the Sabres- Wing WL 1032 -1964
Bits And Pieces- Group 64 -W.R.C. EZ.1028- 1964
Bits And Pieces- Javalins-Scherben- c 22725/64 (Germany)
Bits And Pieces -Joan Jett -1981
Bits And Pieces- John Arthey Orchestra
Bits And Pieces -Johnny Smash -Pop Z 10001- 1965
Bits And Pieces -Leif Garrett /Scotti Brothers- SB 7111- 1980
Bits And Pieces -Mike Smith (Proto)
Bits And Pieces- Paul Revere and the Raiders "Black Tulip"- 2636062- 1988
Bits And Pieces- The Roamers -Hit Records 118 -USA
Bits And Pieces- The Schumann- Combo-Amiga- 450598 (East Germany)
Bits And Pieces -Supremes -1964
Bits And Pieces-Typhoons -Embassy 618 UK 45-1964
Bits And Pieces -Trixy and the Testones- Toy-Records T-001- 1978
Bits And Pieces- Youngsters- CBS 33371

Can I Trust You- Tony Hatch Orchestra

Can't You See That She's Mine -Bee Gees "Brilliant From Birth"
Can't You See That She's Mine -Bristols "Introducing The Bristols" as "Can't You See That He's Mine"
Can't You See That She's Mine- Deltones
Can't You See That She's Mine-Jalopy Five- Hit Records 132 USA
Can't You See That She's Mine-Mike Redway and the Beatmen- Embassy 639 UK 45-1964
Can't You See That She's Mine- Mojo Men
Can't You See That She's Mine- Sylvie Vartan (in French)-RCA Victor BBL-181
Can't You See That She's Mine- The Mersey Beats Of Liverpool - " A Hard Day's Night" LP Arc 841 (Canada)
Can't You See That She's Mine- Youngsters- CBS 37377

Catch Us If You Can- Al Ciola (instrumental)
Catch Us If You Can -Barbie e Os Roqueiros- 1989
Catch Us If You Can- Beat Kings- Pop Z 10008 -1965
Catch Us If You Can-Jalopy Five-Hit Records 223- USA
Catch Us If You Can- Les Bretells- Rigolo 18 736-French EP
Catch Us If You Can -Marcus Davids Line -LSLP 4004 1980
Catch Us If You Can -Ronald McDonald Presents Silly Sing-Along- 1995
Catch us if you can ( no artist info ) Top Six - SIX 20
Catch Us If You Can -Vogues

Chaquita -Flat Duo Jets
Chaquita -Link Protudi and the Jaymen
Chaquita- Mach Kung Fu
Chaquita- Susan and the Surftones
Chaquita- Whodads

Come Home -La De Das
Come Home- Phil Seymour

Come On Over- Sparrow-RVH Records-1985

Concentration Baby- Blancmange

DC5 Medley -(22 songs) Starsound
DC5 Medley- 3 songs 7 inch version Mike Smith -(PROTO)
DC5 Medley- 3 songs 12 inch dance version Mike Smith- (Proto)

Everybody Knows (I Still Love You)- David Seville & The Chipmunks

Glad All Over- (no artist info) -M.F.P. 50110 -1974
Glad All Over- (no artist info)instrumental)-Majorette Records M305A
Glad All Over -Apollos
Glad All Over -Beating Five
Glad All Over- Billy Fury with the Gamblers
Glad All Over- Black Pirates
Glad All Over- Boss Guitars
Glad All Over- Buddy Moran
Glad All Over- Buddy Morrow and His Orchestra (instrumental)- 1964
Glad All Over -Budget Girls "On A Tight Budget" -1998
Glad All Over - Carefrees "From London" LP UK , London LL3379
Glad All Over -Continental Miniatures -1978
Glad All Over -Crystal Palace FC
Glad All Over -Dead End Kids
Glad All Over -Denny Seyton and the Sabres -1964
Glad All Over -Donnie Iris -1982
Glad All Over- Fabulous Thunderbirds
Glad All Over -Fitz Of Depression- K Records IPU047
Glad All Over- Franky Boy (in Dutch)- 1989
Glad All Over -Group 64 -1964
Glad All Over -Herbie Coleman
Glad All Over- Hush -1975
Glad All Over -Jalopy Five -Hit Records 110- USA
Glad All Over -Joe Public featuring Cindy Jackson and Rick Huxley
Glad All Over- Joey Ramone "Unplugged-Live"-1987
Glad All Over -Johnny Smash -1990
Glad All Over- Leon Young String Chorale (instrumental)
Glad All Over -Les Humphries Singers and R&R Band -1975
Glad All Over -Los Sultanes Del Norte -RCA 2215 Mexico
Glad All Over -Mike Smith -(Proto)
Glad All Over- Mud
Glad All Over -Olivia Pascal -1980
Glad All Over- Piet Lancaster + the Five Clark Boys
Glad All Over- Pet Lancaster & The Upsetters . Nicht zu fassen -c22699/64
Glad All Over -Portsmouth Sinfonia -1979
Glad All Over- Quiet Riot "Quiet Riot I"
Glad All Over -Rezillos "Can't Stand The Rezillos"
Glad All Over -Rums And Coke "Girls in the Garage, Vol. 4"
Glad All Over -Speedy -1980
Glad All Over- Suzi Quatro
Glad All Over- Svenne & Lotta -1975
Glad All Over -Tommy Adderley
Glad All Over ( no artist info ) Top Six - SIX 1
Glad All Over- TT Quick "Metal Of Honor" 1986
Glad All Over- Typhoons -Embassy 607 UK45-1964
Glad All Over- Vice Principals "After School With"...
Glad All Over- Wire
Glad All Over -Youngsters

Hurting Inside- Jones (instrumental)

I Can't Stand It-Lefty in the Right- (Japan)
I Can't Stand It-Sparrow-RVH Records-1985

I Know You -Youngsters

I Miss You-Jeffrey Foskett

I Need Love- Brood

I Need You I Love You- Renato E Seus Blue Caps

It'll Only Hurt For a Little While-Nightwalkers- JCP 1058

"I've Got To Have A Reason"-Jules Shear-"Saying Hello To The Folks"- Valley Entertainment Records- 2004

Long Ago-Sparrow-RVH Records-1985

Mulberry Bush- Chucks -Decca F 11617 1963

No Stopping- Link Protudi and the Jaymen

Please Tell Me Why- Gants

Pumping-Lefty in the Right- (Japan)

Sitting Here Baby -Long Johns

Thinking Of You Baby- Spiders "100 Years From Meiji"
Thinking Of You Baby -The Starlings- Embassy 648 -UK45-1964

Try Too Hard -Gants
Try Too Hard -Outcasts

When-Sparrow-RVH Records-1985

When I'm Alone- (Em Meus Sonhos) Wanderlea

Whenever You're Around- Breakaways 1965

Who Does He Think He Is- Bristols As "Who Does She Think She Is"

Won't You Be My Lady- John Christie- EMI 2651 1977

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