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The DC5's E-Type Jaguars

The Jaguar E-Type (UK) or XKE (US) was manufactured by between 1961 and 1974. Its combination of good looks, high performance, and competitive pricing established the car as an icon of the 1960's. It was a great success for Jaguar as over 70,000 variations of E-Types were sold during its lifespan . Now some thirty six years since it last rolled off the production lines, it is a car much sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike. On its release Enzo Ferrari called it "The most beautiful car ever made", a compliment indeed considering the pedigree of "Mr Ferrari".

Although 15,000 or so of this type would be built, it was in July of 1964 that the white 3.8 Jaguar HMT 598B was first registered. The car's first registered owner being recorded on the log book as "The Dave Clark Five". Over the next several years it would feature significantly in DC5 publicity features, on record and album sleeves and in video promos . The group were very fond of E-types and another three besides HMT 598B were in the group's music videos and their feature film "Catch us if You Can " (USA title "Having a Wild Weekend").


Fans of the group got their first real view of the car in a beautiful colour cover photo on the album "Catch Us If You Can". The five members of the group were positioned around the car with group leader Dave Clark on the bonnet. Publicity at the time incorrectly gave the location for the picture as being Brighton ,but as the photographer Bruce Fleming recalls, that was incorrect. "It was actually next to the Thames" says Bruce, "Opposite the Mayor of London's building. There was a small "beach" at the riverside, I'm not sure if its there anymore, I believe it has been built on . I took a number of shots that day of the guys around the car , they were used on record sleeves all over the world".

The car remained "a part of the group" until they disbanded in late 1970. Shortly afterwards the car changed ownership for the first time. In 1971 the second name on the log book was DC5 lead singer Mike Smith. Obviously Mike became attached to the car during it's DC5 days and he owned the car for a number of years. Although it's days in publicity features seemed over, it was called upon once again with the 1977 release of the DC5 album "25 Thumping Great Hits".

In 1978 Grahame Bull, a classic car enthusiast from Hampshire, spotted it for sale in a classic vehicle magazine and after looking it over he became the third and last name in the car's log book. Grahame spent the next six years restoring the car, adhering to the original specifications and by 1984, HMT 598B was now back to her 1964 showroom condition . The only slight difference Grahame allowed was the removal of the original "Bullet" wing mirrors which he didn't like. Grahame contacted Dave Clark and they exchanged several letters and phone calls discussing the cars history and restoration. "I think he was a bit envious", recalls Grahame, "I'm sure that he would have loved to have owned the car once again". As an active car enthusiast Grahame exhibited the car at rallies all over the country and in 1994 he decided to take the car to the USA as part of an organised Jaguar trip.

The car was shipped over to Galveston, Texas where Grahame drove the car on a gruelling journey from Texas right through to South Carolina which was a journey of some 1200 miles. The DC5 LP was prominently displayed in the cars windscreen and at every stop folks gathered round and took photos and exchanged reminiscences of the DC5's tours of the USA. Graham and the Jag even made a pilgrimage to Graceland and despite Grahame trying to convince the "Presley people" that it was a famous car, he was unable to drive it through the hallowed gates. At the end of the road trip, the car was shipped back to England where it has remained as part of Grahame's collection to this day.

Grahame's daughter Karen has "grown up" with the car and recalls her father spending many hours restoring it. "He was so pleased when he completed it he took us all out for a spin. The car has always been there". As Karen grew she developed an interest in the entertainment field and became adept in musical theatre and cabaret. In November 2006 she changed direction and with four friends teamed up to form the group "Thinking for Tuesday".The line up is Karen Conway ( lead vocals), Tom Langston ( Guitar & Backing Vocals), Will Jenkins ( Guitar & Backing Vocals) Barny Booth ( Bass) and Chris Andrews ( Drums ). The guys in the group were all experienced musicians but this was Karen's first venture into being a "rock singer" and songwriter with the group insisting they write and play all their own material. No covers!

While chatting to her father one day, they came up with the idea of recreating Bruce Fleming's famous DC5 album cover using HMT 598B and "Thinking For Tuesday". An approach was made to Rock photographer Andy Squire who had first met the group at the "Female First's Band Wars" event in Manchester.


On a cold day in November 2009 they all met up at Grahame's garage and the shoot took place. The results are excellent . "Thinking For Tuesday" are hoping that the recreation of that famous picture will have the same effect as it did for the DC5 and enable them to become household names in the music world. So far the group is receiving rave reviews wherever they appear and they hopefully can push on from here.

You can read about the group and listen to samples of their music at their website www.thinkingfortuesday.com or on Youtube

You can also read about the photo shoot and see more of Andy's excellent pictures at: www.andysquire.net

Post Script
The DC5 used three other E-Type Jaguars as part of their promotional material and Grahame has managed to find some details of those three cars. Any other information is welcome.

These two cars were used in promotional music videos by the DC5
291 HYH first registered to C.S. Hodder, whereabouts unknown
LLR 980D first registered to a Mr Porter in Edgeware, later it was owned by Clive Poster and is now believed to be in Cheshire.

260 EYW had a much bigger role featuring heavily in the group's film "Catch us if You Can " ( USA title "Having a Wild Weekend" ). During the film , the car is seen being accidentally blown-up in a military exercise. It was assumed that a "mock up" was used but despite much research there is no trace of 260 EYW after 1965 which was the year the film was made. It can only be assumed that it was the actual car which was blown-up in the film!

John Briggs

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