Buying DC5 Autographs

Please be careful when buying DC5 autographs from internet auction sites and autograph dealers. The majority are fakes.The DC5 haven't been in the same room together since 1970 and now because of Denis, Rick and Mike's passing away this can never happen again. Recently guitars have been offered for sale signed by all the group, the only problem is the guitars weren't made until 1982! Miniature drumheads signed by all the group members have been peddled at high prices but again these weren't available in the 60's.

Don't be misled by things like

"Obtained by my granny who worked at some hotel they stayed at".

A "Certificate of Authenticity", as it is worthless, it is made out by the seller!

A photograph of a star supposedly signing the picture etc, it means nothing. This just means he signed one, and had a picture taken, it may not be the one you are buying!

An approval by some set of initials which is supposed to be some autograph authentication agency or "club" . I've seen many fake autographs approved by these "experts". I've even seen one leading London autograph retailer and dealer selling obvious fakes.

Albums etc would disappear into a dressing room and come back out "signed by the group". But the DC5's roadies ( like the Beatles' roadies) signed autographs on the group's behalf. I sat at a table with one member of the DC5 a few years back and we talked about autographs. He immediately signed on a piece of paper a full set of "passable" DC5 autographs and told me that each member of the group would sign for all five to save time passing albums around to be signed individually.In addition staff at the fan club headquarters in both London and New York would sign on behalf of the group items sent in by fans.

Because of this people believe they have genuine autographs, they don't! I'm not saying these folks are crooks, its just that they have been misled / misguided.

There are a number of sets of signatures which appear on eBay regularly, the reason they haven't sold is they are fakes. The sellers have been told this but refuse to believe us! There is also a trade in selling photocopies of album covers etc with DC5 autographs on them. These are photocopies of fake signatures too!

If you intend to purchase a set of DC5 autographs please Email a copy or a link to us at this site. We will look at the signatures and let you know whether we think they are genuine or not, it may just save you some money! We aren't trying to be clever or arrogant and we don't have any official autograph authentication qualifications but what we do have is 50 years worth of experience of seeing authentic and fake DC5 signatures!

Just be careful out there!

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