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Although the DC5 sold millions of records in the United States and around the world they had only two RIAA certifications for "GLAD ALL OVER" and "THE DC5 GREATEST HITS". Needless to say they may have had many more awards if Epic had bothered to submit the titles to the RIAA. The group did however receive many Epic in-house awards for lp's and singles.

Platinum Records

25 Thumping Great Hits ( UK )

Gold Records

Glad All Over ( UK )
Bits and Pieces ( UK )
Glad All Over ( USA )
Bits And Pieces ( USA )
Do You Love Me ( USA )
Because ( USA )
Can't You See That She's Mine ( USA )
Catch Us if You Can ( USA )
Over And Over ( USA )
I Like It Like That ( USA )
You Got What It Takes ( USA )
Bits and Pieces ( Canada )

Glad All Over ( USA ) RIAA Certified
Greatest Hits ( USA ) RIAA Certified
American Tour ( USA )
You Got What It Takes ( USA )
Return (USA )
Coast To Coast ( USA )
Gold Old Rock 'n'Roll ( Australia ) ARIA Certified
25 Thumping Great Hits ( UK )

Silver Records

Glad All Over ( UK )
Bits And Pieces ( UK )
Can't You See That She's Mine ( UK )
Catch Us If You Can ( UK )

Do You Love Me ( UK )

Epic Records Award

First act on the Epic record label to sell 1 million records within 90 days

British Musical Industry Awards

Bits and Pieces 1964
Any Way You Want It 1964
Catch Us If You Can 1965
Try Too Hard 1966
Catch Us If You Can" also gained a BMI award for having over 1 million airplays.

USA Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The DC5 were inducted into the USA Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame in 2008
"Glad All Over" is on a list of 500 songs that have been the most influential in affecting the history of rock and roll as selected by the curatorial staff and a number of rock critics and historians

Mecca Ballrooms Best Band Award


Royal Variety Peformance before her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.


Number 1 Records

Glad All Over ( UK )
Bits and Pieces ( Canada )
Over and Over ( USA )

Other Notable Feats

First group to release a Maxi-Single "Good Old Rock 'n' Roll" in 1969
First group to use light shows as an integral part of their stage act
First English group to do a full tour of the USA
Had 13 TOP 20 hits in their first 2 years in the USA
Had 6 tours of the USA
Made a record 13 appearances on the ED Sullivan Show
4 Sold out shows at Carnegie Hall in 2 days
30 global hits
Have sold over 60 million records worldwide
Played to over 250,000 people over a 5 day period at Manila in the Philippines )
First beat group to appear before Queen Elizabeth on a Royal Variety Performance

Famous Artists who opened DC5 concerts

Aretha Franklin
Little Richard
Jerry Lee Lewis
Chuck Berry
Roy Orbison
Neil Diamond
The Supremes
Sonny And Cher
The Young Rascals
The Bee Gees

Countries toured and performed in

United Kingdom
New Zealand

Famous Musicians Influenced By The DC5

Max Weinberg
"Little Steven" Van Zandt
Bruce Johnston
Eddie Van Halen
Bruce Springsteen
Gene Simmons
John Entwistle

Famous Fans

Tom Hanks
David "Screaming Lord" Sutch
Alan Clayson


The first photograph taken by Linda McCartney in her career as a pop group photographer was the DC5
The Monkees tv programme was originally to have been about the DC5 ( Dave Clark turned it down )
The Monkees TV Theme tune was based on "Catch Us If You Can"
"Topped the bill" on "Sunday Night At The London Palladium" while still "part-timers"
77% of the group's output were "self-penned"
Mike Smith was the youngest person ever ( 13 years old ) to pass the entrance exam to Trinity Music College, London
Mike Smith was a junior with Tottenham Hotspurs Football Club
"Glad All Over" is the theme tune of Crystal Palace Football Club
"Catch Us If You Can" is the theme tune of Shrewsbury Town Football Club
"Catch Us If You Can" is used by Doncaster Rovers FC
"Glad All Over" is used by Blackpool FC

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